The suburban voters: portrait of the demographic in crisis

The American Suburbia is identified as the main battleground for the 2010 elections. The GOP strategists feel they have a chance to steal the heart of the folks living in metropolitan areas but outside central cities.

There are few factors that make the recession hit the suburban voters pretty hard. The census migration analysis shows that the suburban residents are less likely to move comparing to the central city crowd that is generally younger and with lower home ownership rates. So in time of recession when the mobility is often the key to finding a job the suburban voters are suffering.

The Census data consistently shows that college graduates tend to live in suburban counties. And though education improves your chances to find a good job – it does nothing when the good jobs are not abundantly available.

There is a concern about growing college education bubble. In the last decade the number of Americans with college degrees climbed 34 percent. With on-line education and government aid readily available there is a possibility in the near future of imbalance between supply and demand for high education degree jobs. The trend may explain why in recession the suburban voters are more likely to move abroad than move to the neighboring town.

The Census Bureau data suggests that the more educated people are – the more likely they are to be married. 65% of the women and 71% of men with bachelor degree and higher were married with a spouse present.

Rose Kreider, demographer with the U.S. Census Bureau stated:

“These statistics show us that families are having a difficult time during this recession.”

The numbers prove that men and women with children are having a harder time to find employment in challenging economic conditions. Females have better luck finding a job than males.

The people living in the American suburban areas are less likely to be looking for a job that includes a shovel digging turtle crossings in lands far away. Their only hope for improving their life standards is a growing economy with job for highly skilled, educated folks. Suburban residents also crave an economic environment that is friendly to small business, because many of them are entrepreneurs.

The suburban lifestyle is closely connected to transportation availability and affordability. The new climate change bill that promises new taxes and sky-rocketing prices for energy is the last thing they want.

If the economy and the unemployment continue to be number one issue of the 2010 elections, the GOP has a great chance to win the suburban vote.

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