Ed Rendell: the Tea Party can get just a thousand people in Washington

“If I can call a rally for stronger laws for puppies I will draw 100 000 people to Washington just like that”

Snap! That was the Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell this morning on FOX accusing the tea party of being not able to draw a crowd bigger than a thousand people in Washington DC.

Besides the fact that his numbers on tea party attendance are wrong it is amazing to witness Rendell who is usually appealing to the folks of all political backgrounds turn into fierce campaign against a grassroots movement to which about 60% of the Americans sympathize.

Seems like Ed Rendell is looking at the devastating polls for his party in the 2010 Governor election in Pennsylvania. State Attorney General Tom Corbett (Republican) earns nearly 50% support again this month in the Rasmussen poll against the Democrat Jack Wagner.

Governor Rendell is a professional campaigner and he knows the taste of winning. So what is his strategy in helping his people in the Keystone State? This time he knows that the only chance the democrats may get is by energizing their demoralized base.

Rendell can’t be that arrogant in dismissing the tea party as a broad movement. He is much smarter than that. Looks like Democrats in Pennsylvania gave up in seeking the independent vote and instead decided to head-butt the wall rallying the far-left base by throwing a juicy raw red meat steak.

Attacking the Tea party? No he didn’t! Yes – he did! It is just an act of desperation on the part of the Democrats who will be turning over Pennsylvania to the Republicans in November.

Pennsylvania is fighting the unemployment by paying the folks to sweep the streets for $12 per hour – not likely to be a winning move for those craving jobs. So Governor Rendell (who usually makes much more sense) is bashing the tea party on national TV in hope that the attacked will be too busy in Florida to return the fire.

Not likely! The tea party has too many heads and legs all over the country and will probably respond to Rendell accordingly. The good old Governor Rendell kicked the wrong puppy!

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One Response to “Ed Rendell: the Tea Party can get just a thousand people in Washington”

  • Latrina Petrauskas:

    I was also misinformed about the tea party movement until I joined a great site that made me understand it better. I met many of people there and must admit I was impressed with the way they think. I thought they were all insane people then I discovered why they are the tea party movement. It was because they care about the United States and the constitution.

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