Elmo is turning into Robert Gibbs

Yes, these are the Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, Elmo, Rosita and cousin Jesse at a joint event at the Pentagon.

Sesame Street had a great initiative producing materials in support for the veteran’s families with young children coping with the death of a parent. The creative team addressed the issue tastefully and hopefully the children who need support in very difficult times will feel that people around understand them – even Elmo and his friends do.

Let me make it clear: I like Elmo. He was a great babysitter when the boys were little. You can always trust Elmo and Rosita with your kids for 30 minutes. They are a positive force in the American life. However in the past year it seems the show’s think-tank has moved from Sesame Street to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

At the Easter celebrations at the White House everything that may resemble religion was missing, but Elmo was there making the children move. Maria even read the book ‘Stretch’ as a contribution to the new campaign of the First Lady Michelle Obama against the childhood obesity.

The stars of the Sesame Street apparently were returning the visit after the First Lady appeared on the episode at the begging of the new season announcing a major focus on science and math for young children and a $7.5 million investment in the effort in partnership with PNC Bank.

We are already used to getting numbers from Elmo and Bertie, but at the time we learned officially that the kids will get the letters with lettuce. The First Lady’s White House garden prompted the “My World is Green&Growing” series at the famous TV Street.

Who can forget Rosita’s Flu-punto-gov song? Achu! The press had to learn how to properly sneeze or the HHS secretary Sebelius was threatening the reporters with Sesame Street boot-camp during the H1N1 scare.

With every new government-produced video Elmo is beginning to look more and more like the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. We understand that PBS has a favorable coverage of the White House and in return Elmo is getting a preferential treatment, but give SpongeBob a chance!

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