You Lie! – British Edition

The Brits had their Joe Wilson moment in the second TV debate before the elections when the Conservative leader David Cameron accused the PM Gordon Brown in weasely tactics:

Those leaflets you’ve been getting from Labour, those letters you’ve been getting from Labour, are pure and simple lies.

Apparently the liberals across the pond are using the same fear mongering propaganda as their American progressive friends: trying to scare the folks that the Conservatives will take away their beloved social perks. This (unfortunately for the UK and the USA) is not true. No leader has emerged yet that is bold enough to wave real spending cuts on his/her flag on the way to higher office.

I know you don’t care about Britain but the week in politics in America was so slow that Charles Krauthammer wrote today a piece about baseball. So for me it was between the UK elections and the conspiracy theory that the US military is sending the illegal aliens back to Mars with that secret rocket they blasted into space yesterday.

Back to Britain and speaking about illegals – did you know the LibDems leader Nick Clegg is promising them amnesty?

In the UK they have three party politics – they have two sets of liberals and Clegg is the second socialist option – in case somebody is disappointed in Labor but still wouldn’t give up the ideology – they vote for LibDems. This is how liberals keep staying in power in Britain.

Gordon Brown is so unpopular at the moment that both Cameron and Clegg are trying to position the opponent closer to the Prime Minister.

The LibDem’s talking points are pushing to tie the Conservatives with Brown as “the establishment” which is weird because the last time there was a Tory on 10 Downing Street there was a dinosaur walking down that street. The Conservatives have not had a chance to run the government since 1997.

You’d think after what the world had been through recently the Tory would have a breeze in the May 6 elections. Not so. The UK liberal media is trying to push LibDems Clegg as having a momentum. He promised a referendum on the British involvement in Europe during the first debate. It was inspiring for a day until folks were reminded that Clegg is a Europhile – loves the EU monstrosity.

Putting Clegg in charge of the UK divorce with the European Union is like letting Tiger Woods guard the Playboy mansion. How would that work out? Plus Clegg never clarified if he will do the referendum before or after he gives amnesty for the illegals.

Clegg has one more advantage – he looks great on camera and for the first time in the history the Brits are having US-style TV debates. After Frank Luntz pronounced the conservatives dead in the first debate I made an effort and watched the second one on CSPAN-3. Nick Clegg has almost “a pretty Dan Quail gazing at the camera” look trying to hypnotize every last hormone driven girl of voting age to register and follow her drive. While spilling Obama-like “we can” slogan Clegg’s face was so cheesy he almost turned into a flower – a socialist rose of some kind.

On the other side the Tory have a problem with the far right in Britain that believes the Conservatives are being too soft. There is truth to that. When they organized a tea party they actually sat and had tea.

Despite the fact that the Conservatives promised national insurance tax cuts in combination with some spending freezes it is not clear if the folks from the far right will hold their noses and vote for the Tory.

If they don’t they may as well end up living in some sort of Cleggladia of a liberal hung Parliament.

David Cameron won the second debate. He even used the word “angry” which is in tune with the electorate mood. But will he gain enough trust from the folks for a conservative change in the UK? We shall see on May 6.

4 Responses to “You Lie! – British Edition”

  • Here in Britain, the only republican-style party of any size is (was) the Conservative party. In 2005, the party voted a new young, seemingly “dynamic” leader David Cameron. The party’s leadership election is only open to Conservative Party members who are mainly older than 40 and consist of many “merry” widows who were charmed by young David’s campaign speach.

    Since then “young David” has droppped many basic (mostly uncontroversial) polices and has continued to flirt more closely with the metrosexual liberal chattering classes. The core middle and lower middle class Conservative voters have been abandoned in favour of “Green” policies, “Red” Toryism (a rehash of Labour’s “Third Way” of 1997) and to add the cherry on top of these insults, Cameron now uses Obama’s marxist adviser Saul Alinsky.

    For the current 2010 Election in Britain, Cameron has carefully crafted his policies to be the same as the two left wing parties here but very slightly to the right.

    Many in Britain feel they have no party, we are in a three party socialist fake democracy.

  • Daedalus X.Parrot, I agree with every word in your comment. I am really having hard time defending the Tory – the climate change scheme alone makes me sick.

    However, it is very unlikely for the small true-right parties to win majority on May 6. If your principles do not allow you to vote for the Tory the least you can do is focus on the reducing the far-left vote count. It is not the time to kick the conservatives around. If you agree on 70%-80% of the issues – it is better to have the Tories in power than the Cleggbabwe (social justice, amnesty for illegals, welfare tax-cuts, stimulus bailouts) crowd you have nothing in common with.
    At the finish line it is not the time for pointing fingers. I just hate to see Obama and friends celebrating far-left victory in Britain but it is your country after all.

  • Ellie, Thank you for your reply. I think we agree on many things except that I see British politics from a closer vantage point. I used to be a member of the Tory party and I know how Cameron’s socialism (with much help from the wll-to-wall left-wing propaganda from the BBC) has changed my once proud party for the worse.

    Don’t worry, I do try to highlight the destructivness and incompetence of Labour and Gordon Brown in comments on Guido Fawkes’, Delingpole’s and Daniel Hannan’s blogs as well as writing a few humorous blogs of my own here:

    The humour would probably only be appreciated by British political anoraks like the Guido Fawkes and Delingpole blog readers.

    Keep up your good work.

  • Daedalus X.Parrot, if we seek friends with whom we agree 100% – we will be awfully lonely. I did enjoy your post on Deirdre Hutton – bureaucrat’s mediocrity is universal phenomenon.
    Keep exposing Brown-Clegg lover boys!

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