Obama is winning the wrong battle… again

The unemployed American who is filing his/her 867th on-line job resume is told these days that President Obama is winning on Financial Reform.

The mother that is trying to find an answer for her son’s question (Where does Daddy work?) is made to believe that Obama is waging a war against his friends and main contributors on Wall-Street.

The teenager who went to a Job Fair just to be told by smiling Human Resources reps to apply for the job on-line is lead to believe the bad guys who caused the unemployment are being punished. In fact President Obama left Fannie and Freddy, Karl and Friedrich out of reach of the regulation handcuffs. Wasn’t the social engineering enabled by the Government through Fannie and Freddie the cause of the world economy collapse?
The crowd that is walking in a long sad line from one workshop for successful job-hunting to another doesn’t get it why the president is wasting time blathering again in another campaign speech.

The family that is selling their furniture on E-bay doesn’t understand why they have to be thankful for not paying taxes. They really want to pay taxes. They dream about having jobs and paying taxes. They wouldn’t mind a job that is paying so much that they have to pay a lot of taxes. They miss their TV and book shelves.

The person filing bankruptcy after waiting for the Stimulus, for the Unemployment Summit, for the ObamaCare to create a job for him/her is having hard time to believe that setting up bailout slash funds for Wall-Street fat cats will do it.

They say Obama is winning the Finance Reform battle. Only the front line of the war is on the Main Street. Obama’s quest on Wall Street is like playing chess in Versailles while the folks outside the gates of the palace have no bread. You’d think they’ll be saying “Thank you”, Mr. President, but they don’t need fancy pastry – they just need jobs.

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