Health Care Bill: the Multi-Billion Dollar Bureaucracy Hidden Inside

Every sane person in America wants health care costs to come down. President Obama declared many times this will be achieved through the Health care reform bill. Many specialists looked through the thousands of pages of both House and Senate Bill, but found mostly taxes and spending. None of them will lower the cost of the health care for the American people. So how will Obama and fellow Democrats “bend the curve”? Last time I checked none of them possessed a magic wand. If they did we wouldn’t be in dare trouble on a verge of Medicare and Medicaid bankruptcy. So President Obama and friends decided to pull the oldest Washington trick of all: create a new bureaucracy that will have the goal of finding out how to reduce the costs. When politicians have no clue how to fix something they create a commission, agency or new department, a tzardom or in the case of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi health care bill crate an “Accountable Care Organization”.

Don’t worry! (I am being sarcastic here). This new Organization will be just a pilot program at the cost of 5 billion (with B as Bureaucracy) tax-payer dollars. If the new bureaucracy cannot find a way to reduce health care costs – we will get rid of it. It is just a 5 billion dollars experiment that is embedded in both House and Senate bills. How big is 5 billion? It is as big as the half of the Dubai debt and two times the GDP of Aruba.

So what will be this new Government-baby organization doing? Mostly payment reforms within Medicare and Medicaid. Reducing what government pays to doctors and hospitals.

The program will also create a new way for government to assess how good each health care provider. The more successful outcome for the doctor’s patients the more money will come his/her way. Imagine all those new Government bureaucrats inspecting, scoring, and paper-working while draining tax-payer money from the system. US already have in place bureaucracies that are doing that, but Democrats think we need a new one.

If you visit the official Medicare site you will find out that there are over 600 questions on their FAQ list. The system is so hard to understand and has so many Catch 22s that folks generated 600 frequently asked questions. Medicare is a bureaucratic nightmare already. The idea about the creation of a new 5 billion dollars organization to regulate Medicare and Medicaid is insane.

How about reorganizing these government monsters instead? How about taking the hatchet and cutting all pilot projects from the past that failed in lowering the costs of health care in America. Now that will be a true cost cutting.

With similar health care revenues Canada and UK provide some kind of care to everybody in their countries. In the USA tax-dollars go to keep on life-support extremely obese bureaucracies like HHS for example. Despite the unnaturally big proportions of the US government it tends to get bigger and bigger.

5 billion pilot project here, 5 billion there… it is like food calories – they add up. At the end the bureaucratic structure is so big it is not able to function. May be it is time to put the US government on “no pork, no sugar” diet and trim some sweet and unnecessary structures out of it.

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