United They Stand

Health Insurance is now mandatory in America. Middle class people who cannot afford to buy it soon will have to pay extra tax for being not poor enough and being not wealthy enough.

Look at these leaders.

He signed the idea as Governor.

She passed it through Congress as Speaker of the House.

He approved it as President.

He let it stand as law of the land as Chief Supreme Court Justice.

They are different in name only. United they stay in power.

3 Responses to “United They Stand”

  • bdid1dr:

    Oh sheesh! Is last night’s farce really being considered a masterly job of moderating by Lehrer? I’m still sticking with the “Gentleman President” even if I can’t vote (long story, but be assured, I have no criminal record).

    Ennyway (you know I can spell). Regardless of who our next Prez will be, I just wish all of the political jackasses would find ways of keeping our children employed HERE in the United States — and keep them gainfully employed by reforesting efforts, fire and emergency services wherever most needed. How about environmental efforts which never have enough funding/employees? How about CDBG monies being devoted to slum cleanup/redevelopment rather than re-glorifying so-called “historic districts”? How about Planned Parenthood offices in every school with students twelve years old and above? It wouldn’t take anything more than a note from the adolescents’ parents, to be filed with the Principal’s/PP’s offices, which would be practicing PREVENTION of venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies. How about job-training/tutoring at the high-school level. How about grooming students for Homeland Security?

    Rant! Just one more: That gawdawful “monument” that now squats near the Washington monument and the Lincoln monument: Chinese stone, Chinese designer/carver (Thirteen million dollars?)

    Almost 50 years ago, my high school teacher of “Problems of American Democracy” told us “Don’t worry about marijuana. Don’t worry about Russians taking over the US and the world. Worry about China.

    Ennyway, Ellie…I’m letting Obama speak for himself (or not). Romney does a fine job, all by himself, of “flubbing”. As for Jim Lehrer, dontcha think it is time for him to retire?

    Have you ever read anything printed by our former President Jimmy Carter? Grand old man!


  • It is time to get rid of the moderators and let them fight it by themselves. I don’t see difference between Romney and Obama – both pets of the Wall Street-Washington DC establishment. If Obama gets lucky and losses the election (he probably hopes so, judging by how tired and annoyed he was at the debate) he will be Carter on steroids – traveling the world like a rock star and badmouthing America. He probably deserves another mandate locked at the White House – punishment for unprepared careerist. In four and a half years he will be released with white hair, children all grown up… It will be long years for him on the job he already hates.

  • bdid1dr:

    I usually don’t discuss/argue politics because it drives me into a “crazy” rant. Here, and if not the rest of the world, power/politics is “ALL about oil”. I include the Afghani rare earth mines and copper mines that are being “defended” by NATO forces. Without the rare earths our computers and the WorldWideWeb/Google would collapse. So, some 4,000 “troops” killed for what?

    I have days where I just can’t stand the non-sense one more minute; and disappear for hours into cyberspace. I bet I’m not alone “out there”!

    I caught your discussion about “route cipher”. If your Sunday newspaper should have a puzzles section which includes “Jumbles”, you would be looking at a classic “route cipher”. I have lots of fun with it. Have you ever read Marilyn Vos Savant’s offerings on “Parade” magazine’s cyberpages?

    Ennyway, I do enjoy my retirement years — and I’ve finally cleared up my Medicare snafu so that I can have cataract surgery some time after the Christmas Holidays.

    I’ll keep in touch if you do!


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