Forward to the Past and Back to the Future

‘Forward’ is President Obama’s re-election slogan. The opposition is looking into the Marxist-socialist roots of the word, which is complete waste of time. The only reason the talking points today are the same as they were hundred years ago is because:

People haven’t changed. There are the same stories in the Old Testament and the New York Post.

-Colin Quinn, Long Story Short

To prove the point, let’s compare a quote in Pravda, 1917, few months before the October Revolution with some thoughts expressed by recent republican presidential candidates:

- A minister today, a banker tomorrow; a banker today, a minister tomorrow. It is “war to the end” – both today and tomorrow. This state of affairs prevails not only in Russia, but in every other country where Capital rules. A handful of bankers, who have the whole world in their grip, are making a fortune out of the war.

V.I. Lenin, Pravda, April 13, 1917

-          It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.

Ron Paul, End the Fed, 2009

-          I can diagram on a map the problems in this country, and it’s in a straight line between Washington, D.C., and Wall Street. There is arrow after arrow pointing towards collusion, corruption and fraud between Congress and Wall Street and Americans are the ones that end up paying the price.

Rick Perry, 2012

As you can see, President Obama is not the only one recycling ‘communist’ talking points. The truth is that money and power stick together today as they did century ago and thousands of years ago. As a result, the same slogan attack lines work just as well. Why change what’s working?

It seems that Lady Liberty has the politicians on her side mostly when they are in opposition. When in power they try to keep going Forward at any cost.

Banks and politics mix well. Ask the republican presidential candidates who did not get the favorable Wall Street treatment that Mitt Romney received.

One would think that the GOP couldn’t do worse than 2008 in picking a candidate, but they did. The republicans came up with about-to-be-nominee who in 1967 was hiding in France with draft deferment on religious ground at the time when John McCain was captured and tortured in Vietnam. Sarah Palin was able to raise a son willing to serve in the military during time of war. Mitt Romney failed five times at this task. This is the Commander-in-Chief the Republicans came up with in 2012.

Mitt Romney is not electable. It would be interesting to see if money can overcome that problem.

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