Popular Russian jokes about President Obama

To win the 2012 election President Obama joined Putin’s United Russia party.

April Fool’s Day.

Obama is joking with the CIA director: I work for the Russians.

Petreaus is joking back: I didn’t know that!

Dear President Obama, my name is Fyodor Ivanovich. Osama Bin Laden is currently living with my mother-in-law. Please, help with the bombing. The address is: Russia…

Mikhail Gorbachev received his Nobel Peace Prize for the crash of the USSR.

The Nobel Foundation is giving the Prize to Barack Obama with great hopes…

President Obama was asked how much is two plus two. Silence. .. He knew, but was waiting for confirmation from Moscow.

President Bush looked Putin in the eyes and saw his soul.

President Obama looked Medvedev in the eyes and read: I want iPhone.

President Obama suggested that Israel should return to its 1967 borders. Israel promised to do that right after the USA returns Alaska to Russia and reminded Obama that it is against the protocol for a president of British colony to talk without the Her Majesty’s approval.

President Obama called for Turkey to be admitted in the European Union. President Sarkozy called for Turkey to be admitted in the USA.

President Obama demanded the whole world to start using new technologies. CIA needs more information.

President Obama is among this year’s Nobel Prize nominees for literature… for his birth certificate.

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