About Separation of State and Science or: Science vs. Government Approved Science

But here’s the kicker. Remember that group of economists who said our jobs plan would create jobs? Well, one of those same economists took a look at the Republican plan and said that it could actually cost us jobs…

-          Remarks by President Obama on the American Jobs Act — Jamestown, NC – October 18, 2011

Go ask the Republicans what their jobs plan is if they’re opposed to the American Jobs Act, and have it scored, have it assessed by the same independent economists that have assessed our jobs plan… I think it would be interesting to have them do a similar assessment — same people. Some of these folks, by the way, traditionally have worked for Republicans, not just Democrats. Have those economists evaluate what, over the next two years, the Republican jobs plan would do. I’ll be interested in the answer…

-          News Conference by the President Obama, East Room, October 06, 2011

My seven-years-old is obsessed with collecting Cub-Scout belt loops, so to earn one for Science I had to discuss with him the scientific method. It was a bit of a challenge for the kid to grasp the difference between hypothesis and hypnosis, but at the end the scientist-wannabe was fluent in all the steps and the loop was presented to him yesterday during Scouts’ Day celebrations.

One would expect that President Obama, being a professor and all, can do better than elementary school kid. Instead, he is insisting that every economic proposal should be examined by the same scientists that he, apparently, approves. Same people will be the judges. What about the other scientists, which are not the same scientists? What disqualifies the other scientists from participating in the discussion? Is President Obama’s approach scientific?

The establishment of government approved economists (and government created ‘independent’ credit rating agencies provisioned in the Dodd-Frank law, for that matter) is not the only totalitarian phenomenon in today’s America. The whole premise of ObamaCare is that the healthcare in the USA is un-scientific, because hospitals give different amount of care for the same medical condition. To fix ‘the problem’ the government is taking out the Procrustean iron bed and will impose national standards of health care. Using government sponsored and orchestrated ‘scientific’ research, the same scientists (or board members) will be the judges of what is scientific and what is not in medicine. The set-up and cost analysis of the new health care norms will take some time, so the doctors are not screaming yet.

The first to complaint against the government imposed health care standards is the Catholic Church. According to their norms a copy of the Gregorian calendar with a complimentary pencil is sufficient to help most married couple, blessed with human intellect, to plan the size of their family. The chances to forget to place a circle around a date are about the same as the one of skipping a birth control pill. On the positive side the wife doesn’t grow a beard or a tumor, unless God intended her to have one.

The American people surrendered their freedom accepting ObamaCare. Since almost every human activity can be connected to one’s health, Washington DC now has the law, created by Congress, on their side letting the politicians to meddle in one’s business, whether it is about employee coverage, length of hospital stay, or school lunches, the folks often will not be in compliance with some federal guideline on health care.

It is important to remember, that the assault on free thought is bipartisan. ObamaCare is inspired by crazy ideas coming both from the democrats and from the republicans. They have common goal: concentrating more power in Washington DC. There is not much the folks can do. Thankfully, we can still say something, until the government decides that blogging is unhealthy.

8 Responses to “About Separation of State and Science or: Science vs. Government Approved Science”

  • Love your work.

    Great site.

  • How are you doing Ellie?

    I’m still blogging and have switched to a new theme named Splendio. I started using it last month and now that I know where most of the bells and whistles are located it has quickly become my favorite theme to date. Also started to re-post some of fishy’s articles on my new Tumblr account. It’s so much fun learnin’ new stuff on the net.

    I’ve also learned how to lower my political angst pain threshold by re-posting and commenting on things the Dalia Lama says. Maybe I’ll create another page or blog for it.

    WordPress now offers their bloggers the option of re-blogging articles other bloggers have written. One of my articles has been re-blogged and –so far — it doesn’t bother me. What do you think about re-blogging other writers articles?

  • Jason, thank you. The Western Experience is also very insightful place and gives light and fresh perspective on issues that otherwise are hidden under the mountain of cheep talking points.

    FishyGov, I am glad you are still blogging. I post just my own grammatically and politically incorrect thoughts here on BB. The whole purpose is to put in writing things that cross my mind quickly before I forget about it. Ideas tend to find their way through the world wide web and sometimes even make difference in the order of things. Back in the old country I used to work 7 years at radio so I learned to accept when somebody is repeating or reprinting my stuff as a compliment even if no name is mentioned, although the media management would prefer proper citation of the sources. Thankfully here in BB I am my own boss :)

  • Yes, thoughts are fleeting. I have lost at least four of the transient fellows already today. Perhaps they’ll return later.

    After reading my blogs I feel that they are always in agreement with my core beliefs so I’ve been looking for opinions from other points-of-view. I favor a conservative pov from those who do their own research who aren’t ideologues serving their political collective.

    If you know of any of these rare Netizens please point me in their direction.

    I look forward to reblogging your non-soccer articles along with your name and a link to your site.

  • LoL, I enjoyed the World Cup, although team USA didn’t quite make it. It was Joe Biden’s fault :)

  • No clue what you’re talking about Ellie. I gave up on sports a long time ago. Who’s Joe Biden and what team does he play for?

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  • Joe Biden is in Team Pelosi, but it is a long story…

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