Hire Rick Perry!

Support Rick Perry for President in 2012!

Rick Perry will start with abolishing the Department of Energy to make sure he does not forget about it again. Opening the road to American energy independence will make the OPEC countries really unhappy. We need Commander-in-chief in Washington DC, who will defend the interest of the United States first. The American people expressed in many surveys through the last decades that they crave to see the country becoming self-sufficient and not dependent on foreign oil. Rick Perry is the only candidate who is committed to this goal and whose governing experience in Texas proves he is capable to achieve it.

Rick Perry will stop the Bush/Obama attempt to force centrally imposed standards in science and education. Washington DC is not interested in education, but in regulating the trillion of dollars that circulate annually in that industry. Centralizing power in education may provide future politicians with easy access and ability to force doctrines on whole generations of kids with disregard to the diversity of opinions in the country. Education should remain a matter managed by the states and communities closer to the kids.

Rick Perry will take the federal government out of the Kindergarten and refocus its efforts on national security and sound monetary policies, which happen to be the main functions intended for Washington DC.

Governor Rick Perry successfully balanced the diversity of interests in the Great State of Texas for decade now. He approaches the Mexican border issues without hatemongering, but with good will, responsibility, and commitment to the rule of law, protecting the standard of living and national security.  Rick Perry’s guarantee about securing the border in twelve months is one which many Americans, who want to see the problem resolved, are ready to vote for.

The tax-reform proposed by Rick Perry is realistic one and can be easily achieved. Optional flat tax will help small businesses save time and money by removing excessive paperwork. The direction toward simplifying the tax code by reducing the tax-rates paid with eliminating of deductions and subsidies currently has bipartisan support as evident by the Simpson/Bowles commission.

The First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry is committed to defeating ObamaCare and returning the decision of the way the medicine is done in America back to the health care providers and away from bureaucrats in DC. As a daughter of a doctor it is a personal matter to her and we can count on Anita Perry to remind her elementary school sweetheart, now husband, Rick Perry, to work for the repeal of the big government reform passed by the democrats under leadership of President Obama.

Rick Perry served in the Air Force, he is an Eagle Scout, graduate of Texas A&M, he knows honor, bread and butter, and beef too.

After listening to all candidates in the Republican primary, Rick and Anita Perry are still the people we want to have beer with in the White House. Cheers and Good Luck!

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