Geithner and Obama accept foreign funds that influence the US policy

President Obama made a lot of fuss recently about the US Chamber of Commerce accepting foreign contributions. The arrogance is amazing when we compare this to the fact that the USA basically lives on borrowed money from foreign countries. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is not shy to sell US securities to foreigners.

You can get details about the Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Debt as of July 2010 here. Below are just few of the numbers in billions:

China  $847, Japan  $821, UK $374, Oil Exporters   $224, Brazil $162, Caribbean Banking  $151, Hong Kong    $135, Russia   $131… It goes all the way to Romania $11.

The USA borrowed eleven billion dollars from Romania?!?!? Seriously!

No wonder Hollywood makes so many vampire movies. Count Dracula is holding US treasury securities.

Somehow President Obama wants the US public to believe that it is evil for the Chamber of Commerce to influence the domestic policy, because their members trade with the world. Really? It is the Chamber of Commerce – this is what they do – commerce at home and internationally.

On the other hand it is somehow OK and not evil at all to owe billions to China and to bow to the petro-dictators and shaikhs.

If somebody in America is guilty of using foreign funds that influence the US policy decisions it is the Federal Government. The fiscal policies of the Feds are borderline treason.

So for Mr. Obama and the Democrats in power it is better to shut up and start mopping the mess. If they drop the arrogance the Chamber of Commerce may help them.

2 Responses to “Geithner and Obama accept foreign funds that influence the US policy”

  • Jenny:

    Obama’s borrowed from “Caribbean Banking Centers”? Given what we know about those banking centers, that they’re just off shored hideaways, it means that we really don’t know who that money is from.. and what if any strings might be attached to it. COnsider how Obama is now wanting to help China buy up South Texas oil and gas fields, and to sell military aircraft to, so they can have and steal our technology.. why isn’t anyone making a big stink about this?

  • Jenny, I absolutely agree. The off-shore organized crime and fraud heavens launder money that are dirtier and bloodier than the oil money.

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