Chris Matthews: it’s our money

President Obama wants to tax-hike Chris Matthews and other rich folks in America. The MSNBC host is probably not one of those liberals who support the tax-hike while hoping that the Republicans will kill it. Matthews probably just can’t wait to start paying more to the IRS.

However the host of Hardball is not happy that President Obama keeps talking about these tax-hikes in a manner that suggests that he will be sending checks to Matthews, when in fact Matthews will be sending checks to Obama:

Stop saying that giving people tax cuts is giving people money. It`s their money! A tax cut is when the government doesn`t take our money. It`s an important distinction.

Yes, indeed! It`s an important distinction. Unfortunately Chris Matthews wasn’t so picky in terminology when President Obama called the expanding of the Earned Income Tax Credit a ‘tax-cut’.

Many folks in the USA receive a check from the government with EIC ‘refund’ when in fact they did not pay any federal income tax. Obama calls those ‘tax-cuts for the working families’, when in fact it is a kind of welfare or ‘stimulus’ at best.

Matthews did not outline the important distinction in this case. He just let President Obama call the government hand-outs: ‘tax-cuts’.

So the folks who received the hundreds and the thousands of dollars of EIC ‘tax-cuts’ now think that this is what ‘the rich’ will be getting – a check from the IRS like they did.

Mr. Matthews, however, knows it is not true, because he will be writing the checks with the money to the IRS.

He[Obama] talked today, for example, about people getting a check from the government in the form of a tax cut. That`s not the way it works. If tax rates are kept lower, it`s a matter of the check going to the government being smaller. Again, it`s an important distinction.

Yes, indeed. One is a tax-cut and the other one is a hand-out.

The rich will be paying more taxes to the government and the government will be sending more checks with tax ‘refunds’ to people who did not pay any taxes that need to be refunded.

It is called ‘redistribution of wealth’ and Mr. Matthews usually digs it. He pays his taxes and is ready to pay even more. However, he wants to get respect for doing that. Instead, President Obama is vilifying him and the other tax-payers with income over $250K like they are some kind of greedy people who want more and more money.

Chris Matthews would prefer a ‘thank you for paying a lot of taxes’ note. Well, he isn’t getting it form the Class-Warrior- in- chief.

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