The Donkey is gone from the Democratic Party

Donkey vs. Elephant? This is no longer the way to express the clash of the two major parties in the USA. While the Republicans proudly display their mascot’s symbol on their party’s web-site the Democrats went out of their way to get rid of the Donkey on their place on the web: Democrats.Org. The mascot with the long ears is replaced by the symbol of Obama instead. Everywhere you click you are invited to join not the Democratic Party, but to join team Obama. It is a creepy choice that resembles a cult of personality.

I guess the Democratic Party was trying to refer to the Donkey when they named their blog: “Kicking Ass”. Somebody thought it is a cool move at the time. The Donkey also has a page in the history part of the web-site. We are given the following explanation of the case of the missing donkey there:

Over the years, the donkey and the elephant have become the accepted symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Although the Democrats have never officially adopted the donkey as a party symbol, we have used various donkey designs on publications over the years. The Republicans have actually adopted the elephant as their official symbol and use their design widely.

I see! The Democratic Party did not adopt the donkey. But it sure looks like they officially adopted the “O”. Obama’s rising sun is everywhere including the party’s web-site store. While republicans are promoting the elephant as part of their history and tradition, the democrats are promoting Obama.

But is the change of the mascot… a change we can believe in?

What happened to the humble, courageous, homely, street smart and lovable animal? I really miss the donkey – and so were the folks in Massachusetts recently.

What are we now supposed to say? “O” vs. Elephant? Obama vs. Elephant?

Like with every cult to personality there comes an awakening moment. If you ride to the top of the wave during the rise of a dear leader – you may find yourself going down on the other side hand in hand with the former hyper star. Sooner or later a child will stand in front of the crowd and say: Hey, the King has no clothes! And when the hype is gone every man will be left with their good old faithful donkey.

If I were a democrat (which I am not) I would be at this moment on a mission to find the lost ass and bring it back home at Democrats.Org. Then I would clean it, feed it and hope it will start kicking again someday.

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