Glenn Beck Examines the Roots of Evil

Glenn Beck’s documentary “Revolutionary Holocaust… Live Free or … Die” is a must see event. If you missed it search for it. Beck launched a great attempt to remind the American public about the horrific crimes against humanity committed by communist leaders like Mao, Stalin and Che.

It was about time! It is disappointing to see the youth in America so in love with the socialist ideology and embracing false positive images about dictators and murderers. We better pay attention. It is important to call out the bad ideas as it is important to promote good ideas. The idea is a powerful thing; an idea can turn the world around.

Gorbachev’s “glasnost“ (attempt for free speech) rocked the ice in the USSR. Once people were free to talk about capitalism – it was a matter of time to incorporate it in their lives. It quickly became acceptable to think about a small private business or a private doctor’s office or watching MTV’s top 20 shown once a week on the government TV( it was late at night and my parents let me watch it). The history journals started pouring the horrific documents from the era of the Red Revolution, Stalinism and the gulags. Suddenly the bright future of the communism was thrown in the mud covered in bloody pages of historical facts. The idea that folks can say nice things about the West and bad things about the socialist system became contagious and spilled into every corner of the Union.

There was a saying in Eastern Europe that McDonalds brought down the communism. It is kind of true. Free speech prepared the soil, but the communism really crashed when the Eastern Block got opened for business with the West. I remember walking in Moscow in 1991 with my sister on our way to see the first Big Mac restaurant in the Soviet Union. I saw it on the government TV /the only TV in the country at the time/:“They give you the food in 45 seconds“, the reporter said, which is the opposite of the Russian tradition of dining for many hours with a lots of alcohol involved.

Anyway, the waiting line at the Moscow McDonald’s was few blocks long, probably longer then the line in front of the Lenin’s Mausoleum on the Red Square. People stayed in line for couple of hours to be served a Big Mac in 45 seconds. It is a true story. All the new things coming from the West were fascinating. The walls kept falling in Eastern Europe – one after another like a domino. It was the result of the free speech and the free trade.

May be today somewhere in some God forgotten place in the world a kid is turning the handle of one of those tiny computers that the US send to charity all over the world, looking at a post on the Internet – the new engine of the free speech. There is no electricity in that kid’s village, but the mini-laptop self generates the power and the handle keeps turning and turning. Ideas are reaching that kid. Let’s hope that those are ideas of goodness.

2 Responses to “Glenn Beck Examines the Roots of Evil”

  • FlatTaxer:

    Fascinating. “The idea is a powerful thing; an idea can turn the world around.”

    That’s why your blog and the other new right leaning blogs are SO important. It has become very troubling to me what is happening socio-politically. Academia has to be called out also. That’s usually where the “socialistic” ideas take hold and grow like germs in a petri dish.

  • We all remember Obama’s “a word can change a room… can change a community… can change the world…” rant. It is true not only for the liberal (progressive) words, but for the conservative words and ideas too. It is our responsibility to get our message out there so it can compete with the liberal one. In the free society the path is set by the winning message. And let the better one win!

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