Boehner to the rich: don’t blame me – blame Obama. If you like your money, stop funding the Democrats!

Here comes the Boehner’s genius: rich democrats talk class warfare only because they believe the Republicans are there to protect their success. If the Republicans give up and let the radical left President run wild without a check – all those rich democrats will have to walk the walk to IRS, not only talk the talk.

House Republicans Leader (and soon to be Speaker) John Boehner called President Obama’s bluff and stated he will vote for extending only part of the Bush tax-cuts if the Democrats have no will to give tax-cuts for the wealthy.

That sent shock-waves through the ranks of the rich elite that give their contributions to Democrats, but hope that the Republicans will watch for their wallets and protect them from tax-hikes.

The Hollywood crowd earning over 250K suddenly realized their favorite president of all time will cost them dearly next year when their personal income tax starts hiking the up-hill.

Liberal celebrities and philanthropists that readily did class warfare propaganda for the Democrats were suddenly terrified when they realized Obama actually hates the rich – not just talking about it.

Wealthy democratic campaign contributors realized they subsidized the very beast that is after their wealth and success.

Lady GaGa gagged when realizing president Obama is raising her taxes.

LeBron James, who just moved to Florida to avoid the Ohio tax rates, was tricked by the fellow basketball player Barack Obama, who wants the fair share of LeBron’s millions to go to the IRS to be distributed to the unions.

Former democratic presidential wannabe John Kerry will be hit double: he just paid his yacht taxes and now President Obama will take the rest of his money.

Shakira will shake her hips in distress when her accountant explains how her money will be taken away from the Big Gov and given for illegal aliens GPS-phones.

Michael Moor will have less money to produce class warfare nonsense, even his friend Fidel Castro acknowledges communism doesn’t work.

Oprah will say: O! O? I though the Republicans are against taxing me and will protect me. Help!

The only way for democrats to extend the Bush tax-cuts for all Americans is to help those rich funding the Democratic party understand that if they keep funding socialists their wealth will be socialized in the IRS accounts.

John Boehner often says: Elections have consequences. If the business community keeps funding the anti-business political party, they shouldn’t be surprised that we get anti-business President, who is enforcing anti-business policies.

It is time for the wealthy to get tax-punished by President Obama and his radical friends, so they never ever give a dime to the Democratic Party ever again.

5 Responses to “Boehner to the rich: don’t blame me – blame Obama. If you like your money, stop funding the Democrats!”

  • All true, but you must be aware that billionaires, including liberal ones of course, see 90% of their net worth gains from appreciation rather than income. So they want to tax professional class people who are in the sweet spot of earning $250,000 to $400,000 heavily. In the meantime their game is to utilize borrowing (at rock-bottom government-manipulated interest rates) to extract capital tax-free. It is a cinch that values will appreciate handily if enough money is iprinted continually (broad money supply is up over 20x since Nixon), and on an inflation-adjusted basis this does not increase their leverage ratios because all they are doing is extracting gains in value created mostly by the printing press. To understand more, read my recently published book, Endless Money.

  • True, but billionaires are surrounded with folks working for them earning $250,000 to $400,000 that will be taxed heavily.

    I agree our government is printing-money-happy and corruption is running wild. The monster should not be rewarded with more tax revenues. We need to inject some common decency into the system or we are toast.

  • I am already proven correct: the democrats in the House are already drafting a letter to extend all of the Bush tax-cuts.
    Unhappy major donors?

  • tarpon:

    Boehner knew it was a setup …

  • Honestly I am sick and tired of listening class warfare rhetoric. I believed we are done with that nonsense with the fall of the USSR. Obama would have received a good grade in Marxism-Leninism class with that little speech on Bush tax-cuts for the rich – if he would have thrown in the ‘oppressors’ and the ‘imperialist’ labels the grade would have been excellent.

    Obama and Democrats keep pretending that the Bush tax-cuts for the people earning over 250K are for billionaires.

    Soros doesn’t care about the Bush tax-cuts, but the people who feed off of him and make sweet money in think-tanks, academia and media will be hit by the Obama tax-hike. Mathews will get a thrill up his leg when he sees his IRS bill.

    Just sit and watch democrats rushing to the table to extend all the Bush tax-cuts. Their unhappy donors will give them a kick in the rear in that direction.

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