What do US State Department, Russian spies and Bulgarian mosque have in common? Ecotourism!

American tax-payers learned recently that the US State Department is funding mosques all around the globe, including one in my native Bulgaria:

To support the restoration of the Kurshum Mosque in Silistra. Although it is located in the center of town, damage has been caused by centuries of neglect and earthquakes. The mosque was built in the 17th century when Silistra was an important port city on the Danube River ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

Research shows that it has nothing to do with Islam, but with ecotourism. According to a local report the restoration of the mosque and other cultural monuments are part of the city tourism strategy: which is eco tourism.

It is not about Islam, but about the environmental mafia of NGOs sucking tax-funds for green projects.

The whole thing is happening in 2004. Big Bureaucracy reported that at the same time the USAID was funding eco-tourism activities in Russia through the ‘4 Vlast’ firm for which the Russian spy Anna Chapman and her dad Vasily Kushchenko worked. You can read the research here.

In 2004 Chapman was the London contact person for the 4Vlast firm, Kushchenko was running their tourism firm and worked for the 4 Vlast Mrs. World pageant brand.

Below is a screen shot of a Google search for the names of the company 4Vlast and Soros. The result is an article that cannot be accessed any longer. The title is:

Countryside tourism: The Americans are paying for the agro-tourism in Russia.
There is a mention of the Soros’s fund ‘Small towns’

The web-site is down. Domain however belongs to the same 4 Vlast company where Chapman and Kushchenko worked at the time.

Ironically the project left traces in the Internet. There is an on-line CV for a person named Sergei Isakov who claims he was working for 4 Vlast company and selotour. ru in 2004 while being an expert on the project named “Help for local government for encouraging agro- and eco-tourism as strategic direction of development of the small and middle size towns in Russia”.

Isakov goes on to say that the project was financed by Eurasia Foundation and The US Agency for International development (USAID).

So America was funding the eco-tourism branch of a firm for which Kushchenko organized sky-diving over Kilimanjaro. That is not in the city near you – it is in the continent near you! That close!

Why do Americans pay for agro-tourism in Russia? Or eco-tourism mosque in Bulgaria? Anybody?

As you can see from the sign on the Kurshum Mosque (which means the Bullet Mosque because the dome is covered in lead) it is supported by the local Committee on the Protection of the Population in the Cases of Disasters and Accidents.

How is the mosque protecting Bulgaria from Disasters? The environmentalist thinking is that if you do your tourism locally, then less global warming caused disasters will hit ya.

Good luck with the local tourism to my Bulgarian and Russian friends, while they stay local Al Gore is flying private jets and the ex-KGB is sky-diving in Tanzania.

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