What’s up with the fist posters?


Let me first state that I sympathize to the cause of the people involved in Freedom Works organization. However their recent artwork looks like photoshoped Soviet posters. It’s like somebody erased Kremlin and put the Capitol on the background on their 9/12 tax-payer march on Washington DC poster.

Kim Jong Il is going crazy with envy looking at those fists at the 8/27 convention poster. He does not respect the copyrights so it is very possible for him to use the ‘fisty’ artwork as a center piece at the next parade in North Korea. The communist artists may add a nuke to the fists to make the message to the oppressors stronger.

The posters look as if the Freedom Works artist just erased the hammers and the sickles and added some blue to the red. Unfortunately they forgot to put the ballots in the fists. Because this is the American way: we move forward clashing ideas at the ballot box, not waving fists at each other.

The latest Freedom Works advertising on the net features the fists on the half of the image and the Constitution on the other half. I hope the organization is not transforming. My humble opinion is: stick with the Constitution. Wave a flag – not a fist.

What may seem like a cool choice for FreedomWorks art directors is a disturbing image for those of us who grew up in communist countries where fists were waving at us from textbooks, walls and street billboards.
I would expect to see a bunch of fists from a union gathering where proletariat all over the world is uniting, ripping off the chains of oppression.

I am surprised and somewhat disappointed to see fists used to portrait the mood in America today.

As election nears passions grow hot and apparently the folks at Freedom Works got carried away. They are free to wave whatever they want. However it would be nice if we see fewer fists and more ballots in the future.

We are free to protest and organize. All you have to do is show up and greet each other, debate each other and communicate with each other. Fists are likely a communication killer not enhancer. Just saying!

6 Responses to “What’s up with the fist posters?”

  • swampsniper:

    The fist symbol has traditionally represented radical leftist movements in my memory.

  • I grew up in Eastern Europe – fists bring memories of communist art. The folks at FreedomWorks may have a perfectly good explanation for all this fist-waving, but it is not apparent to me.

  • Jack Osborne:

    Must be honest people here. FISTING is a sexual act! Make a fist and use it appropriately.

  • Jack, that was informative, thank you. However there is no fisting involved in my post.

  • Jack Osborne:

    Well, I just wanted to point out that, used with the sexual connection, the posters are really saying something that does not connect to the use of the fist as a political statement.

    Basically they are insulting the public to which they are addressing the posters.

  • Jack, I agree.

    Some point resemblance with the symbols from the ‘black power’ era. It could be anything, but I just can’t come up with a positive idea to show a fist to somebody, can you?

    Plus the whole movement is supposed to be about individualism, not about marching together in perfect lines.

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