President Soebarkah? Preserve the historic Obama documents!

The State Department released the passport info available for President Obama’s mom Ann Dunham. Sadly if there were any records for her during time the historic first African American president was born they were destroyed. What survived can be accessed here.

The public and the National Archives should take steps in preserving for future generations document related to our President. For example, the newly released Ann Dunham’s papers reveal that President Obama had previously another name – Soebarkah – as his mom wrote on her passport application. Later when Barack Obama obtained a passport of his own, Ann Dunham’s paper was amended and the name of her child was crossed.

As Big Bureaucracy noted earlier, the authorities in Hawaii should take extra measures consulting with the National Archives to make sure Barack Obama’s birth certificate and other archive documents are preserved in perfect condition for the future generations to see. We don’t want any presidential history to disappear, like it happened to Obama’s Mom early passports documents.

The Obama’s BC is one of the most expensive pieces of paper in the world today. The value of the document that everybody wants to see is growing every day. The President and his campaign spent millions of dollars for lawyers to prevent the public from laying their eyes on it.

Mona Lisa is fading with jealousy over the price tag of the Obama birth certificate.

Legislatures all over the country are spending countless working hours figuring out how to take a peek at the BC.

If only those filing the birth certificate back in 1961 knew that the paper will be worth more than a Picasso.

While today the power to release the birth certificate lies with Barack Obama himself – unless the President is immortal, there will be a distant day in the far away future when the public will be allowed to look at the historic document.

It is very likely to be on exposition in the National archives, a Presidential library, Hawaiian archives or may be touring the country in an exhibition on wheels.

Imagine the neon signs: King Tut and the Obama Birth Certificate – just for two days in town.

The authorities in Hawaii have to make sure the priceless piece of paper is secure and in great condition for the future generations curious to take a look at the famous document that their grandparents were not allowed to see.

The Obama birth certificate and other public archive documents should be pronounced a national treasure. That will provide adequate care for this expensive document of historic importance.

Today the birth certificate belongs to Obama, but it is a public archive document that in the future will generate revenue for the people. Preserve it today!

5 Responses to “President Soebarkah? Preserve the historic Obama documents!”

  • Saoirse:

    LOL ! another name to add to barry,barak,soetoro,obama in any and all combinations.
    The same with shirley stanley ann dunham soetoro ng in any and all combinations-
    They’re nothing more than scam artists that pulled a big one in the USA…..and got away with it.

  • [...] all available passport data for President Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, except those that were destroyed by the GSA (including her passport at the time when her historic boy was born). You can access all documents [...]

  • Who is Harrison J. Bounel?:

    Who is Harrison J. Bounel?

  • Somebody who stole President Obama’s SSN and Chicago street address? :)

  • Donna LS:

    Ellie Velinska – - what a sense of humor you have! – - to the best of my knowledge, the last I read is that there MAY NOT have been a Harrison J. Bounel – - how ‘his’ SS was used (may still be) by Obama is another question.

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