WikiLeaks are missing the point: we want Al-Qaida’s ass – and we will kick it sooner or later!

The War is horror – we don’t need WikiLeaks to tell us this. To all who will be shedding tears over the newly released documents: let’s remember why we are in a war in Afghanistan.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US president Bush demanded that the Taliban give the US Usama bin Laden and the other Al-Qaida leaders to be prosecuted in court for what they have done. The Taliban refused and they continue to harbor and support the terrorists even today.

The war is a war. The US has the right to defend the national security. The Taliban have the right to chose to stay side by side with Al-Qaida and fight US till death. Or they can choose to give away Bin Laden and friends and get it over with.

The major problem with the Taliban fighters and the mujahedeen is that for 30 years all they have done is fight. And that lifestyle has been quite profitable for them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained it recently in an interview for FOX News:

We have a huge trust deficit. In part because, to be fair we have helped create the problem we are now fighting. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we are going to come to Pakistan and create a force of mujaheddin, equip them with Stinger missile and everything else to go after the Soviets inside the Afghanistan.

And we were successful – the Soviets left the Afghanistan. And we said: Great! Good Bye! Leaving this trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Leaving them well armed. Creating a mess frankly that at the time we didn’t really recognize.

So America stopped pouring big money in Pakistan. And the trained warriors decided to turn into terrorists and blackmail America – for money.

Pakistani government grew accustomed to receiving billions of dollars in support. They are totally dependent on those billions – the same way a welfare recipients becomes dependent on the monthly check.

Pakistan bureaucrats have weird interest in prolonging the Al-Qaida existence – after all if the terrorism problem disappear – so will the USAID welfare billions and other military appropriations.

So with one hand Pakistani bureaucrats take the US money and with the other hand the terrorist continue to operate in the safe heavens across Afghan-Pakistani border for decades now.

Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama had to choose – do we continue to feed the Pakistani bureaucracy in hope they take care of the Al-Qaida terror nest or do we go in and fight and smoke them out of their holes. For nine years the US did both. We continue to pump money into Pakistan and we continue to fight the War in Afghanistan.

It is time for the final surge. The deficit of trust with Pakistan goes both ways. After so many billions of dollars of aid Pakistanis were not able to clean up their act. America should stand united behind the Surge Strategy – the final battle – Kandahar.

Pakistan will never stop helping Al-Qaida, because they make money out of their existence. Iran will not stop to pursue nuclear weapon. Egypt will not prevent digging the underground tunnels to Gaza any time soon. Russia will not pull their spies out of the USA. To assume otherwise is naïve.

The USA should develop a strategy of weaning out of welfare all those states. Until Pakistan learns how to live without the US money – the threat of terrorism will always be there. Until Middle East is weaned out of USAID there will be no peace there. The terror is the blackmailing tool for many third world governments to get easy money. Until US is feeding bureaucrats to fight terrorism – there will always be terrorism – because without terrorism bureaucrats in UN and governments all over the world will lose their funding.

The US has to clean up their pay-roll of foreign bureaucrats. We have ridiculous spending that keeps conflicts, wars and terror alive.

Russian Spy Anya Chapman and her dad Kushchenko’s firm received USAID money for eco-tourism in Russia in 2004. The same firm organized skydiving over Kilimanjaro. Why do US tax-payers fund eco-tourism in Russia? US tax-payers are paying Russian to save the Earth while they are flying to Kenya for fun-jumping? These are small things.

However, there are billions we spend in the Middle East, in Africa, in Latin America for years. Try to stop the dough and terrorists and criminal cartels are immediately on the rise to get to us to kill us. It is not about religion, it is business.

How long America will be blackmailed by terrorists and governments that support them?

America should not cave to WikiLeaks pressure.

We support the Surge in Afghanistan. Our men and women are fighting for the terror blackmail to stop. The Taliban should give us Bin laden and Al-Qaida and return to a peaceful life. If not: drone them, nuke them – whatever it takes!

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