The Great American Collection of Progressive Insults

On his first day in office President Obama insulted all the people whose job is interrogating terrorists by signing an order to close the base at Guantanamo Bay thus publicly suggesting something wrong was going on there. Later he gave a speech at the CIA headquarters to calm the force down but folks know actions mean more than words. President’s actions insulted those who gathered sensitive information that kept us save for years. Administration’s new course sent a message to the crazies who plot terror all around the world: “Welcome to America, we have lawyers waiting for you. We will insult the New Yorkers, but not KSM”.

America was insulted again when President Obama decided it is a good time to have some late-night laughs at a time of economic uncertainty and unemployment. On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno – the sitting President slipped a bonus insult to the folks participating in the Special Olympics while analyzing the “important” topics about his basketball and bowling skills.

Many found insulting the fact that it took President Obama more time to choose a dog than to debate the $700 billion Stimulus Package. Everybody agrees though that the presence of the earmarks inside the spending bill were the biggest insult, because Barack Obama promised during the campaign there will be no more pork hidden in the bills. And just when he asked for a “just one more time” exception – he did it again in the omnibus bill (over nine thousand earmarks inside that $400 billion baby). Insulting? You make the call.

I will skip the small foreign insults like 25 DVDs that don’t work in Britain as a gift to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, but the absence of the Queen from the D-Day celebration in Normandy will be in the top few of the most insulting mysteries in the history of diplomacy. Her Majesty Elizabeth II is the only living head of state who served in uniform during the World War II.

Bowing to the Saudi King was an insult – but even bigger one was the attempt of the administration to convince the people of America that the bow is not a bow and they should stop believing their own eyes and start listening to what press-secretary of the White House is telling them to believe.

President Obama insulted America (mostly the pre-Obama America) in every major speech he gave abroad. This was supposed to make everybody love us. Instead it brought waves of disrespectful statements because the American leadership was viewed around the world as soft (if not weak).

President Obama stopped giving press-conferences after insulting the Cambridge police force by assuming (without knowing all the facts) that they acted “stupidly” and based on racial profiling against one of the President’s friends.

FOX News was running record ratings whole year long. President Obama thought it was wise to insult the network by insisting it is not a news organization. Really? Many viewers (turned later into voters) probably took the insult personally as they believe they are getting plenty of news from FOX.

To round up his first year in office record Barack Obama insulted the truck owners while stumping for the losing candidate in Massachusetts special senatorial election. “Forget about the truck …Everybody can buy a truck” said the Leader of the free world totally forgetting that the country he is supposed to pay attention to the most is running double digits unemployment and credit for a truck is hard to get in the current financial environment.

Is there somebody out there who is still wondering why the republican Scott Brown will replace legendary Ted Kennedy in the US Senate?

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