USAID funded the agro- and eco-tourism branch of the Russian spy Chapman/Kushchenko firm

Deep in your heart you knew there are tax-payer’s money wasted somewhere in the whole Russian spy drama. Why did the Obama administration and the Russian government wanted to get rid of them so fast? We may never know.

However we can prove that USAID funded the agro- and eco-tourism project in 2004 run by the company 4Vlast for which Anya Chapman and Vasily Kushchenko worked at the time.

As you know from the previous research Chapman was the London contact person for the 4Vlast firm, Kushchenko was running their tourism firm and worked for the 4 Vlast Mrs. World pageant brand.

Below is a screen shot of a Google search for the names of the company 4Vlast and Soros. The result is an article that cannot be accessed any longer. The title is:
Countryside tourism: The Americans are paying for the agro-tourism in Russia.
There is a mention of the Soros’s fund ‘Small towns’

Curious, isn’t it? Why do Americans pay for agro-tourism in Russia? The whole web-site is down. Domain however belongs to the same 4 Vlast company where Chapman and Kushchenko worked at the time.

Ironically the project left traces in the Internet. There is an on-line CV for a person named Sergei Isakov who claims he was working for 4 Vlast company and selotour. ru in 2004 while being an expert on the project named “Help for local government for encouraging agro- and eco-tourism as strategic direction of development of the small and middle size towns in Russia”.

Isakov goes on to say that the project was financed by Eurasia Foundation and The US Agency for International development (USAID).

USAID and Department of State are listed as donors for the Eurasia Foundation, so is the Soros’s Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation.

The web-site and the whole agro- and eco-tourism were up and running in 2008 as evident by Komsomolskaya Pravda article titled: Show a real cow to your kids. It encourages Russians to spend their vacation time on a farm and the contact info is provided.

Apparently whatever cows the US tax-payers funded in 2004 are now up and running and meeting tourists.

Mainstream media will likely not report on this. However, I couldn’t resist letting the US tax-payers know that USAID may be aiding former KGB personnel and spies. Tell a friend!

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