Spy-Dad Vasily Kushchenko may have the list of the 400 American liberal journalists

When Andrew Breitbart offered $100 000 for the person who gives him the Klein’s list of the liberal journalists in the USA I immediately checked the Russian web-sphere of the net in hope to get lucky. I wasn’t able to find it. However I stumbled on an interesting group of Russian journalists and media executives and guess what: Anna Chapman’s Dad may have been working with them.

First, don’t be surprised if Komsomolskaya Pravda gives the most accurate info on Vasily Kushchenko. The 4vlast (the forth power) is a group that was started by former journalists from the legendary paper.

Their goal: to affect politics through the power of the media. Kind of like the American liberal 400 JournoList.

The 4vlast is also the name of the tourist firm for which alleged Spy-Dad Kushchenko was organizing skydiving over Kenya vacations.

Some may say – they are not connected. May be. You make the call:

http://4vlast.ru/ – journalists and PR specialist who want to have power over the people of power
www.travel.4vlast.ru and travel@4vlast.ru – tourist firm for vacations all around the world (Kushchenko in charge of Kenya – may be because he worked at the embassy there he knows the country best).

By the way – completely unrelated – he served in Kenya during the time Maurice Strong was there (wink, wink, Glenn Beck).

In Russia journalists are not ashamed to show off the power and connections they have. The 4vlast is a very popular movement. There is initiative where all Top editors of all the top media in Russia can join a club – a Forth Power Club. I guess they will just have a drink or something while talking about all the power they have.

Here in the USA all this is hidden. Andrew Breitbart is offering $100 000 for the list and nobody is coming out. In Russia they have web-sites. Power to the media!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MID) is mumbling and not offering info on the alleged Spy-Dad. Komsomolskaya Pravda is well ahead.

Could it be that it is because he was working for a tourist firm that was also handling an awful lot passports and visas? Part of the tourist services. Did he use his connections to provide services that MID is not happy with now? What other tourist firms are connected.

Alleged Spy-Dad Kushchenko was a contact (with the same telephone number as the Kenya vacations) for the St. Petersburg edition of Mrs World competition organized by the 4 Vlast company:

Миссис Мира – международное телевизионное шоу будет проводиться в субботу вечером, 29 апреля, начало в 19.00 в великолепном БКЗ Октябрьский, рассчитанный на 4000 мест в Санкт-Петербурге. Для приобретения билетов на Миссис Мира предварительный конкурс, финал и бал королевы, пожалуйста обращайтесь в компанию Четвертая Власть. Телефон 7 495 200 3924. Контактное лицо: Василий Кущенко. http://mrsworld.ru

He was a pretty busy man!

What if the Russian Forth Power journalists are comrades with the 400 US liberal JournoList? What if the list Andrew Breitbart is looking for is a list of 400 KGB spies?

Disclaimer: To all former and current KGB operatives – this is just a rhetorical exercise in conspiracy theory.

9 Responses to “Spy-Dad Vasily Kushchenko may have the list of the 400 American liberal journalists”

  • John Blake:

    Four hundred KGB spies, aka American journalists (sic), would have filled Mrs. Astor’s guest-list. Have a ball!

  • John Blake, I am not accusing – just saying :)
    The thinking is the same – that if the media folks join the same club – they become a powerful tool for influencing the direction of the public opinion.
    No longer media – the forth power instead.

  • Jen:

    So what. Is that a crime…to influence public opinion. My goodness they would have done better to hire a PR firm. Hell Olgavy could have done the job way cheaper. If these people were here for years to influence public opinion they failed. My goodness I don’t consider that a crime. If so, all the republicans should be in jail. Considering they use the consdervative media like Fox to drive all their greedy power mongering. This is so funny to me. If that girl was a spy then she was That girl is a low budget ghetto spy. Seems to me she was in NYC living the downtown cosmopolitan life. Hell the white house gate crashers, the Salahi’s are better at spying than this crew and their idiots. Even though I will be watching them on the Bravos Housewives of DC.

    Really, this is shear comedy to me. If I were a stand up comedian this whole Russian sleeper agents thing would give me two hours of hilarious material. Damn, Arnold Swartzenager is a better spy than that group.LoL. Arnold did that spy comedy movie True Lies, and it was hit movie. But in reality this man came here from Austria and fenagled his way into camolots sweet heart, a kennedy, who is a powerful journalist, and married her. Even though she is a libral and he is a conservative. Then he gets in good with the rich which white male conservative power brokers and gains super wealth through inside investment opportunities obtained from that group. THen he captures the heart of the american people through his charism and charm, and finagels his way into the governors office. What is worst is that the liberal governor was kicked out and they put Arnold in. He is doing the same performance as the liberal governor. Now if that is not material for stand up I don’t know what is. To think some Americans want the constitution changed so he can become president. That is what you call great spying. That is they spy games work. These Russian sleeper agents are idiots. I still am not convinced they are spys. Goeroge Bushes grandfather was a banker to the Nazi’s, and the two Georges becaome presidents. Now that is infultration. These people are clowns. To me thes

  • Jen, how is this Bush’s fault?

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  • Doug:

    Love the Disclaimer ! So, I hope Andrew B gets the list and it NOT cost a dime!

    Jen, there are Democrats that are more Conservative than Schwartzenegger. He doesn’t belong in Sacramento, as the citizen rules that apply to Washington, should apply to State Capitols (Governors)

  • Doug, don’t you wonder why I can dig out this info, but NY Times can’t?

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