The Greatest Economist of All

The Greatest Economist of All shall remain unnamed for it is not recommended to say his name in vain.

There are roughly ten principles that the Greatest Economist of All set in stone. Who knows! May be if We the People start to follow them our economy may start to prosper.

Don’t idolize other economists, no matter what their name is: Marx or Hayek, Soros or Bernanke. You shall not bow down to them or worship them for you may cause generations to come to suffer.

Don’t use his name to pass laws that the Greatest Economist of All did not write. I am talking to you, Nancy Pelosi. If you write a law, don’t pretend it is filled with heavenly wisdom and don’t promise paradise at the end, because only the Greatest Economist of All can create such a plan and, Nancy, you are not him.

Folks should try hard to do all their work in six days, but on the seventh day they shall rest. Everybody needs time for work and time for rest, even the Greatest Economist of All. He came up with the idea first – long before the labor unions and Tony Hayward.

Honor your father and your mother for they have been where you are going and they can tell you what may likely happen and save you money for research. Plus they were the first who loved you and love is the thing money can’t buy.

There is no economic plan that justifies murder. Murder is not part of social justice. Wars are horrific and expensive.

‘Do not steal’ is a very sound advice the Greatest Economist of All suggested. It should be followed by everybody, including politicians, CEOs, other people of power and common criminals.

Do not bear false witness in court, Congress and in the State of the Union address so the people can make the right judgment of their own about the current economic situation.

Do not covet other people’s house, bank, car company, oil company, wife, intern or anything that belongs to other people.

It is so simple – it is great, isn’t it?

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