Janet Napolitano: Add Smart to the Tough and other bumper stickers

The Director of the National Security Janet Napolitano believes her immigration policy is adding “smart” to the “tough”.

First we have dispensed with the rhetoric and we’ve just gotten to work.

Now for too long we heard bumper sticker slogans about being tough, but looking tough just doesn’t get the job done.

We decided that we needed to add some smarts to toughness and make some changes to build a coordinated and comprehensive strategy.

You can see the video here.

After learning about the new national “Add Smart to the Tough” strategy on border security the folks at the Southern States started printing bumper stickers of their own:

You Lie!

I am smart! I understand Arizona!

It is a fence, not a rocket science!

Use government paperwork to seal our borders!

Got Smart?

What part of illegal do you not understand? It is illegal! Get smart!

Press 1 for Though, Press 2 for Smart, press 3 for English?!?

Professor, ‘breaking and entering’ is not immigration!

Arizona: Getting smart so the Feds don’t have to.

No need to go nuclear – just build a fence!

I choose to be tough!

Illegal is illegal. You don’t have to be smart to understand it – it is Common Sense!

Be smart! Learn the map! Mexico is there, the USA is here!

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