“Plug the damn hole” jokes

‘Plug that damn hole’ is not an advertising for the new iTampons but an alleged quote by President Obama commenting on the BP oil spill.

However, the right wing bloggers are probably taking the phrase out of context.

May be the President was reading the title of the porn video that the federal oil regulators were watching while vacationing on the dime of the companies that they were supposed to be regulating.

May be he was referring to the doughnut hole that the oppressive imperialistic capitalists created so they can make you pay for air.

May be he was giving orders to the National Guard deployed to the South Border regarding the holes in the fence that his White House as the previous one were not able to finish.

May be he was talking to his personal defense attorneys regarding the story line presented in the latest Obama birth certificate lawsuits… or in the old Blago lawsuit… or in the future Sestak lawsuit.

May be he is determined to plug the black hole that is sucking all our tax-money called Federal Budget so we can have some dough to repay the 13 trillion dollars of sovereign debt.

Or maybe there is a black hole in the Galaxy far away that is about to gobble us. Let the Force be with us!
May be he will plug the hole in the racial relationships in the country becoming bigger and bigger with every “go for ice-cream and be harassed” lie about the Arizona law.

May be the hole between all agencies receiving data on national security will finally be closed so when the father of the terrorist tells us his name the enemy combatant can be prevented boarding a plane.

It can’t be the ozone hole – ‘because that one is getting smaller they say.

Those are all urgent holes. It is hard to make up your mind which one to start with. So we just stand and watch. As far as the BP oil spill goes: have no fear – the mud shot is here! We are on it! Why didn’t they try the mud shot earlier again?

3 Responses to ““Plug the damn hole” jokes”

  • Robbins Mitchell:

    Maybe he was telling one of the First Ho’s aides how to deal with her runaway “visit from Aunt Flo”

  • Robbins, this joke goes a bit too far for me. I will just call for civility, the US First Lady is not a Ho.

  • mls nc listing service:

    “Scientists say they have developed a car that can run on water. The only catch is, the water has to come from the Gulf of Mexico.” -Jay Leno

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