Maurice Strong, Gorbachev and Friends

What a wonderful picture: Wangari Muta Maathai – the first African woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize and Senator then Barack Obama – soon to be the first African American US President and future Nobel Peace Prize winner. May be there is nothing to this photo, but today I am doing exercise in “conspiracy theory” prompted by Glenn Beck’s call for research on the green guru Maurice Strong. It is just rhetorical exercise – so lighten up!

Back to Obama and Maatai walking together in Nairobi, Kenya in 2006 where the headquarters of the United Nations Environmental protection agency is located. Maurice Strong was the first UNEP President and was serving together with Maathai and Mikhail Gorbachev on the Earth Charters Commission. It is always fun to place Obama and Gorbachev in the same circle of friends.

All folks mentioned above are saving the Earth. Or maybe they are just establishing connections that give them access to power and money – tax-payer money.

Meet the club of the champions of non-government international organizations of “philanthropist” funded by the tax-payer money provided by the governments for humanitarian purposes. Social networking is the key for success there – it has always been with the socialist/Marxist/Popper thinking crowd. Maurice Strong never cared about ecology – his main strength was connections – person who knows how to make connections with people in power and people with money. His talent made him perfect to organize the first international summit on environment in Stockholm ‘72. Among the sponsors of the event was the Rockefeller Fund. Steven Rockefeller served with Strong and Gorbachev in the Earth Charter Commission later.

After the summit the UN created UNEP and Strong with his connections became organization’s first president. They put the headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, where Maurice Strong began his carrier in the oil company CalTex.

To add a royal touch to the movement Strong recruited Prince Charles .You remember Prince Charles with the frog on his shoulder – if he would have kissed that frog it would have turned into Al Gore.

The UN conference in Rio in ’92 became the major forum establishing the Earth Charter – right after the green revolutionaries were able to get rid of Margaret Thatcher who being a scientist strongly believed that the new technologies will save the environment and the industrialization is not the cause for a death of our planet. Thatcher was a nightmare for the green tax-payer money sucking crowd. They celebrate today as the new British PM – conservative in name only – is advancing the climate change agenda.

Social networking is critical for the 2000 non-government organizations funded by tax-payer money registered in the UN.

I really liked how Irina Lebedeva writes about this in her article here:

If you watch on CNN meeting of rioting “anti-globalists” don’t get surprised that in the wake of the London Summit the same gay in the green wig you remember from earlier broadcast is no longer giving away condoms to people, but explains his participation in the action with the desire to “fight the global warming”

Brilliantly said!

To understand the Gorbachev/Strong gang you need to research the term “sustainable development”. The idea is that the industrialized nations are using too much natural resources and there must be a policy of de-growth them to save the planet.

The goals are set – they are public – no conspiracy here. To illustrate them I will use the 2001 article titled
“Siberia – problems of ecological politics and sustainable development”. You have to agree – there is a special feeling when Russians talk about policy being implemented in Siberia. According to the author V.A.Koptyug the first goal is to stop the increase of the population of the planet. The second goal is creating inventory of all the natural resources and the third goal “ecologization” (Russians just like to make up terms) of all economic activity including agriculture, energy, manufacturing etc.

In Siberia they have very advanced experience in reducing the population of the planet. However the Earth Charter syndicate means it more in the terms of Planned Parenthood. One of the co-chairs of the commission at the time when Maurice Strong was in it is Federico Mayor – former UNESCO president. He deeply cares about children of the world – at least about those children that were not killed in the abortion clinics of the world.

President Obama is investing big time in the Inventory of the natural resources – even CIA is on the task following the climate change data. Really? How much tax-payer money is needed to count every grain of sand and every drop of water on the planet? Sounds like a project that will keep on flowing those dollars into the pockets of philanthropists saving the world.

Another member of the Gorbachev/Strong commission is Pierre Calame who is a champion of the solidarity economy. You can see the video here if they don’t remove it soon.

Solidarity economy?!?

Solidarity used to inspire people. Folks in Poland still remember the Solidarity movement. What is creepy about it is that it was funded in part and supported by George Soros – another champion of the Earth. It is pure coincidence that Soros suddenly became very rich during the collapse of the USSR. It is pure coincidence that Soros became even richer in ’97 when Mandela took the presidency in South Africa while Soros established his Open Society project in SA and … Zimbabwe. There is no conspiracy here – he is just a philanthropists – he fought against apartheid and communism and imperialism and all kind of isms and against George W Bush who refused to sign… the Kyoto Protocol.

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