Cameron and Clegg: nauseating new Progressive partnership – a win for the EU and the Cap-and-Trade

There is something rotten in the state of Britain when a conservative Prime Minister gets elected with the help of Mao loving Anita Dunn. David Cameron got her for campaigning help in February which ironically coincided with his ratings going down.

The true-conservatives in Britain refused to vote for the progressive Cameron carrying Alinsky in his pocket and the Tory were not able to get majority in a year when all the stars were aligned for them.
Instead of Conservative change the UK got a perverse union of a Climate Change/Big Society Cameron and the Pro-EU/Pro-Euro/Pro-Amnesty Clegg.

In a perfect world the Tory leader should have been working on cutting nonsense taxes. On the contrary the new British PM David Cameron appears to be in the climate change religion. Despite the ClimateGate and calls for reconsidering his policy from many Tory leaders, Cameron is sticking with the scheme. It appears that the British PM is awkwardly sitting with President Obama in the same global warming syndicate.

It is no coincidence that the Cap-and Trade bill is ready to hit the US Senate on the day after the Queen gave the mandate to Cameron.

The Big Society mantra is the last thing that makes sense in today’s politics when people are hungry for common sense solutions – not for grandeur projects based on junk science and questionable ideology.
Instead of strong Eurosceptic government the Brits got Europhile Nick Clegg in power. The liberal press favorite cutie-face Clegg will have endless photo-ops from now on as deputy PM shoulder to shoulder with the Conservative. Cameron gave Clegg enormous credibility and planted the seed of the future far-left progressive’s path to the power.

Cameron and Clegg now have the cover of the coalition government that supposedly represents consensus to pass unpopular measures in the time of crisis. The UK treasury is empty, the debt is unsustainable, and the EU is shaking in distress. The coalition will also dilute the responsibility for the unpopular measures that are coming.

It is not clear yet if the coalition government interventions will be the kind conservatives will approve or if the inner progressiveness of Cameron and Clegg will move the Great Britain further into socialistic utopia, big euro-enslavement and bankruptcy.

At the time when the voters in the US primary elections are getting rid of the RINOs (Republicans in name only) the Brits will be governed by CINOs (Conservatives in name only).
In the rocky economic times – let’s hope it will all work out for the best.

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